Since 1992, Wolfgang Edthofer has been acting as an independent consulting engineer and legal expert for plastic technology. Since 2002, he has been the owner of Edthoferconsult. He has decades of experience in the field of risk analyses and establishing of QM systems and problem oriented lab systems for plastics. Special topics of service are market analyses for new packaging application and equipment.

DI Wolfgang Edthofer DI Wolfgang Edthofer

In the cores of his independent activities, Wolfgang has established cooperation’s with plastic processing and converting equipment producers (Reifenhaeuser, W&H, Bandera, Battenfeld, Brueckner, Plamex, Dixie Union, etc.) as well as raw material and additive producers (BASF, Du Pont, Borealis).

He has international experience in technical support of companies in the field of production of barrier and high barrier multilayer film grades in (in Germany, Austria, Italy, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Turkey and Syria).

Wolfgang Edthofer graduated in April 1976 as a plastic engineer (MSc.) at Monatnuniversitaet Leoben (Austria) in February 1992 he was accredited as a consulting engineer. Since 1996, Wolfgang Edthofer has been a member of the legal technical experts in court in Austria. Since June 2006, Wolfgang Edthofer has been a member of Experts of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris in the field of plastics technology.

Aside from the consulting activities, since 2006, Wolfgang has been teaching plastics technology, plastics processing material testing at a VET college (Hoeheren Technischen Bundeslehranstalt) in Bregenz, Austria.

Wolfgang Edthofer speaks at international congresses on a frequent basis.


Biography Nicola Edthofer

Nicola Edthofer Nicola Edthofer

Nicola Edthofer is the daughter and assistent of Ing. Wolfgang Edthofer.