Expert opinion

Since 1992, Wolfgang Edthofer has been authorised to act as a consulting engineer in the field of plastic technology covering the domains of:

  • Plastic resins (production and application).
  • Processing of plastic materials
  • Application of plastic materials
  • Equipment for plastic processing and converting
  • Construction and design engineering

The expert is authorised to author expertises with formal character

Since the 18th of January, 1996, the expert has been a member of the technical experts in legal courts in Austria in the fields of:


51.58 Plastic materials to form in a mould, to cast, for compression moulding, to extrude, for injection moulding

51.82 other plastic materials

51.83 Elastomers

60.50 Machines and equipment to convert and process plastics.


Focus of the expert activities is to author expertises with formal character in the case of defective plastic materials and/or plastic products


  • Analysing and evaluation of plastic materials and plastic products
  • Appraisal of technical articles made in plastics and plastic coatings
  • Failure analyses and evaluation of damaged plastic articles or parts
  • Analyses and evaluation of extend of damage and claims amounting of plastic articles
  • Support in case of problems in production process of plastics
  • Conceptual design of a functional plastic construction
  • Selection of applicable plastics depending on application
  • Selection of dedicated supplier for a certain application in view of quality control and costs
  • Evaluation of tools for extrusion (dies) and injection molding (molds) and machines or lines
  • Permission of a product according to standards of ISO, EN, DIN, CE
  • Evaluation (present value, time value or current replacement value) of equipment for plastic processing and plastic converting

Special know how and experience in the field of production and application of flexible and semi rigid-film and film products - especially coextruded.

Since 2008, Wolfgang Edthofer has been accredited as an expert at the International Chamber of Commerce - ICC Paris for his expert opinion in the field of plastics and plastics technology (