Consulting Service

Focus of consulting service

  • Development of international market studies and concepts
  • Development of target specification for production lines to be acquired. Support for pre-selection of appropriate technology and qualified supplier of equipment
  • Test runs on new equipment and evaluation which film structures can be produced according to the line design. Optimizing of film structures according to line requirements
  • Support during the period of acceptance tests of equipment as well as during the start-up period in production as well as during development and running of new products
  • Training and support of production staff when producing multilayer film grades
  • Definition of test procedure and establishment of quality management
  • Development of structures and recipes(formulas) according to the standard of competition
  • Training in technical and market issues for internal and external sales staff


Our customers are film producer in the field of barrier – high barrier multilayer coextruded film grades in Germany, Austria, Italy, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Turkey and Syria.

Furthermore, we are also involved in packaging application of chemicals and agro chemicals in Big Bags (Bulk Packaging) and in special film application for the automotive industry.